WEvolve unboxing


This month I got the awesome opportunity to check out WEvolve‘s subscription box service. It’s a really fun treat for anyone who is interested in spirituality, and learning about new things from a variety of sources. Each box has a unique theme, and April’s is ‘Seeds of Intention’. The beautifully packaged box opens up to a postcard with an image of Lakshmi (the Hindu goddess of abundance, self-realization, and true wealth).


Deeper inside are aventurine rune stones, a handmade Indian paper scroll, a seeds of intention spell bundle, and a resin statue of Ganesha. The back of the postcard and carefully placed notes throughout the package describe each item and it’s uses. The little descriptors and guides are definitely where the value is for me. I could buy any of these things individually, but tying them together and providing use for each item and meaning behind all of the beautiful pieces makes them so much more wonderful!

The aventurine (a special stone that is said to be lucky) rune stones are a tool used to receive inner guidance (much like tarot cards). I’m definitely someone who believes that these types of ‘magical’ things are a centering point for someone to find the answers they seek within themselves. Sometimes externalizing our internal issues into a more visual/tangible form can help make things clearer. I can’t wait to give the rune stones a try!

The handmade Indian scroll is a beautiful blank slate for an equally beautiful message. The inclosed note explains that similar scrolls were traditionally carried by royal messengers to convey important state announcements and marriage announcements but more excitingly – they were used as love notes between Indian princes and princesses. I will have to think of something very important to write on mine! The box’s guide says to write an intention, affirmation, or mantra – which would look super cute hanging on the wall!

The seeds of intention  spell bundle looks like the most fun part of the box! It comes with a detailed ritual to use that describes what to do from untying the bundle on through. As someone with lots of different interests, planting the seed of intention is definitely something I need to do. This is going to be helpful!

Lastly, but mostly, the beautiful resin statue of Ganesha (a Hindu deity known for removing obstacles, being the patron of arts and sciences, and intellect and wisdom) rests in the bottom of the box. It’s such a beautiful little piece and so meaningful too. The box’s card says that Ganesha is a personification of the sound Om and supports the chakras. And so, Ganesha and I will be oming away all through the house with these beautiful treasures from WEvolve’s April box.


This WEvolve box was provided free of charge for the purposes of writing this post. All opinions are my own. If you’re interested in subscribing or shopping with WEvolve, check out their website.