waka winter classic: george’s majestic lounge

waka winter classicBrooke and I are giving each of these up-and-comers a listen tonight and we’ll share our comments and pick the band(s) we like best so you can be a somewhat more informed attendee of the Fayetteville, AR Waka Winter Classic. The band I picked out as her favorite from the Tulsa show ended up winning, so we’re probably totally worth listening to. Here’s the run-down of the Fayetteville Waka Winter Classic:

Cadillac Jackson: The upbeat funk band is comprised of: Jake Souza- Keys/Vox, Logan Cruce- Lead Guitar, Josh Souza- Bass, Brian Hickman- Drums, Jared Souza- Guitar/Vox, and Stephen Tucker- MC/Percussion. They claim to be influenced by “anything that makes ya booty shake!”
These guys have performed at Wakarusa in recent years and know what the scene’s all about. The band sounds like a more funky version of Afroman.

Don’t Stop Please: Their interests include, “Organizing Tackle Boxes, Mountains, and Skinny-dipping” so you have to at least think they’re fun! Their hometown is Conway, AR – where we met.
This hipsterly crew has a relaxed, but full sound. Their vocals sound like something tastefully vintage. Brooke’s official pick is Don’t Stop Please.

Foley’s Van: “It’s bluegrass…but not your Ma and Pa’s.”Their bluegrass is too heavy for our taste. Last time we saw Foley’s Van live we did a quick write up, and giving them another listen has reminded us that they are definitely talented.

Randall Shreve and the Sideshow: “Randall Shreve & the Sideshow brings their own wine-soaked flavor of indie rock to audiences around the country. Their music, which has been described as “Vaudeville Rock,” transports the listener back in time to an earlier era.”
Brooke and I split down the middle on this one. I have a certain affection for vintage circus imagery and this would be the soundtrack to go along with that. Paige’s official pick, is Randall Shreve and the Sideshow, but Brooke isn’t feeling the sound.

Revolution Butterfly: “The revolutionary soldiers of rhyme, from the deep woods and the back-country streets bring a psychedelic sound-scape mixed with funk and reggae experimentalism.”
The genre of this band is unclear. We aren’t sure what else to say, except no.

Space Camp: Representing the electronic genre, Space Camp consists of John Hysell on bass, Taylor Smith on synth and keys, Tim Yarbrough on guitar, and Clatyon Stuttle on drums.
Definitely expect a laser light show for this one and would be Brooke’s second pick if second picks were allowed.

Don’t Stop Please is Brooke’s favorite and Randall Shreve and the Sideshow is Paige’s. Which band is your fav? See you at the show!