WEvolve unboxing


This month I got the awesome opportunity to check out WEvolve‘s subscription box service. It’s a really fun treat for anyone who is interested in spirituality, and learning about new things from a variety of sources.¬†Each box has a unique theme, and April’s is ‘Seeds of Intention’. The beautifully packaged box opens up to a postcard with an image of Lakshmi (the Hindu goddess of abundance, self-realization, and true wealth).


Deeper inside are aventurine rune stones, a handmade Indian paper scroll, a seeds of intention spell bundle, and a resin statue of Ganesha. The back of the postcard and carefully placed notes throughout the package describe each item and it’s uses. The little descriptors and guides are definitely where the value is for me. I could buy any of these things individually, but tying them together and providing use for each item and meaning behind all of the beautiful pieces makes them so much more wonderful!

The aventurine (a special stone that is said to be lucky) rune stones are a tool used to receive inner guidance (much like tarot cards). I’m definitely someone who believes that these types of ‘magical’ things are a centering point for someone to find the answers they seek within themselves. Sometimes externalizing our internal issues into a more visual/tangible form can help make things clearer. I can’t wait to give the rune stones a try!

The handmade Indian scroll is a beautiful blank slate for an equally beautiful message. The inclosed note explains that similar scrolls were traditionally carried by royal messengers to convey important state announcements and marriage announcements but more excitingly – they were used as love notes between Indian princes and princesses. I will have to think of something very important to write on mine! The box’s guide says to write an intention, affirmation, or mantra – which would look super cute hanging on the wall!

The seeds of intention  spell bundle looks like the most fun part of the box! It comes with a detailed ritual to use that describes what to do from untying the bundle on through. As someone with lots of different interests, planting the seed of intention is definitely something I need to do. This is going to be helpful!

Lastly, but mostly, the beautiful resin statue of Ganesha (a Hindu deity known for removing obstacles, being the patron of arts and sciences, and intellect and wisdom) rests in the bottom of the box. It’s such a beautiful little piece and so meaningful too. The box’s card says that Ganesha is a personification of the sound Om and supports the chakras. And so, Ganesha and I will be oming away all through the house with these beautiful treasures from WEvolve’s April box.


This WEvolve box was provided free of charge for the purposes of writing this post. All opinions are my own. If you’re interested in subscribing or shopping with WEvolve, check out their website.

church of tarot: ten of wands

ten of wands

First, let me brag a bit. This is one of the most stunning cards that I made. I just love how it turned out. On to the meanings:

The Ten of Wands depicts a man oppressed by the weight of the ten wands that he is carrying. This is a card of many meanings. It can be oppression. It can also signify fortune, gain, or success. It is also a card of falsities or disguise.

Some questions to consider might be: Do you want to unburden yourself? Why don’t you ask for help? How can you best fulfill what you’ve taken on?

This one’s tricky, what did you guys get out of it?

church of tarot: strength

I’ve been having a lot of fun doing these mini collective virtual readings. I suppose I ought to put it out there that I am not a professional anything and I am just reading for fun. I am also a beginner at tarot and have to look up just about every card before I explain it. So while I myself get a lot out of contemplating each card and it’s meaning in my life, and hope you do the same, if you are ever in need of real help please reach out to more capable hands to whom I am happy to reference you.

strengthStrength, another of the major arcana, depicts a woman dressed in white, the symbol of the pure-hearted and evolved part of you, lovingly approaching a wild beast, the beastial or unevolved part of you. Strength suggests what it takes to embrace yourself fully. Owning up to one’s immature qualities doesn’t have to mean letting them run wild, it can mean that the mature part of you guides it.

Some questions you might consider: Might a roaring lion be lying wait within you? What feelings are you trying to shut down? Where are you being called upon to walk your talk?

This is one of my favorite cards, what do you guys think?

church of tarot: emperor

emperorThe Emperor card represents: stability, power, aid, protection, a great person, conviction, and reason.

Some questions to consider in relation to this card might be: Who has overpowered you? Why are you putting reason aside? Have you been too analytical in your thinking?

What does this mean to you right now? Let us know it the comments and we’ll share too!

church of tarot: death

deathThis week’s card, death, is one of the major arcana and represents: end, mortality, destruction, and corruption. Some questions to consider in regard to this card are: What are you afraid of letting go of? What dream is dying an untimely death? Are you contemplating the idea that death is a natural continuation of your soul’s development?

How does this card relate to you today or this week? Let us know in the comments!

church of tarot: three of wands

Three of WandsThis week’s card is the three of wands and represents established strength, enterprise, effort, trade, discovery, and commerce. Some questions to consider regarding this card are: What do you envision yourself acheiving? What idea or project are you launching? Who’s helping you put your plans into effect?

Ooph. This card hit me hard this morning. I am tangled up in goals. I have lots of support from my family in each one, but it’s hard for me to know where to focus. I am trying to graduate and apply to graduate school, I want this blog to succeed, I have other big ideas that I have yet to even try to launch because I’m already so swamped. But everything in it’s time I suppose. Like the man in the three of wands, I need to establish strenghth where I am, then I will turn to new things.

How does this card relate to your day or week? Let us know in the comments!

church of tarot: knight of pentacles

knight of pentaclesThis week’s card is the knight of pentacles and represents: utility, service-ableness, interest, rectitude, and responsibility. Some questions to consider in regard to this card are: What are you committed to completing? What new responsibilities are you welcoming? Are you enjoying your sexuality?

Let us know, in the comments, how this card relates to your day or week.

Church of Tarot: Queen of Wands

queen of wands

The Queen of Wands’ personality is meant to correspond to that of the King’s but is more ‘magnetic’. The card represents: a dark woman or a country woman, friendliness, chastity, love, and honor.

Some questions to consider are: What female authority are you encountering? Who are you protecting? Are you feeling vital and powerful?

Share in a comment, how is this card related to your life today or in your past week? We’ll share a bit if you do!

church of tarot: ace of swords

ace of swordsThis week’s card is the Ace of Swords and represents triumph, the excessive degree in everything, conquest, and triumph of force. It is a card of great force in love as well as hatred. Some questions to consider in regard to this card might be: Is it time to cut away whats extraneous and get down to the essentials? What choice are you being asked to make? What could you use help figuring out?

We hope you’ll share, in the comments, how this card relates to you today or in your week.

Church of Tarot: Hermit


The Hermit represents prudence, also and especially treason, dissimulation, corruption, and roguery.

Some questions to consider are: Could you enjoy withdrawing from the world? What wisdom are you sharing with the world? Are you finally realizing that there are as many paths to higher consciousness as there are people?

How does the Hermit relate to your present life? Share with us and we’ll share with you!