Quick Guide to Eating Gluten Free in Fayetteville


A friend recently asked where she could take a gluten free friend out to eat and have more options than a salad. I realized that I have learned a lot through trial and error that I should probably share with the world! I stick to a pretty strict gluten free diet, but I do not have Celiac disease – so many of these restaurants may not be suitable for someone who needs gluten free foods cooked in a dedicated gluten free environment. You decide what works for you, and here’s a list to get you started!

  1. Deluxe Burger has gluten free buns for their burgers. They’ll charge you a bit more for the substitute, but it’s so worth it to be able to go out and eat a delicious burger with the bun (like a “normal” person). General gluten free burger eating tips: If you are elsewhere and want a burger, it’s usually pretty easy to order one without a bun. They’ll usually serve it on a piece of lettuce or two and you can munch away with fork and knife. The greasier/cheaper the place, the harder it is to extricate the burger from the bun – so beware.
  2. The Arsaga’s on Church & Center that serves toast has a house made gluten free bread that’s phenomenal and can be subbed in on any of their amazing toast options for just .50 more!
  3. Arsaga’s at the Depot has a gluten free crepe that you can sub in to wrap up any of their delicious options (even their sweet crepe offerings). It’s their buckwheat crepe, which despite it’s name is actually wheat and gluten free.
  4. Eureka Pizza actually makes my favorite gluten free pizza. Their crust has honey in it to act as a binder and it’s just perfect. Plus, it’s pretty cheap – as far as a gluten free pizza goes!
  5. Woodstone Craft Pizza has a gluten free crust as well, and is a good option if you’re looking for something a little more upscale and unique. The crust is usually both rubbery and burned at the same time – but the toppings are so good that it’s worth trying anyway.
  6. Apple Blossom Brewing Co. has two excellent naturally gluten free options: cheese fries (of a few varieties) and a polenta dish with roasted vegetables.
  7. Khana Indian Grill‘s basmati plates are naturally gluten free. I have tried each one and love them all. The dish is served with naan, so you might ask to leave that out – or give it to someone else at your table (I might have tasted it once and discovered that it’s really, really good).
  8. Hammontree’s sometimes has gluten free bread available to sub in on any of their sandwiches. It isn’t on the menu, just ask.

I want to know what you know about eating gluten free in Fayetteville. I’m not eating out this month, but I’ll take all of your suggestions and seek them out in September!

#weboughtahouse and #committed to #teamfayetteville

If you already follow me on the insta, then you know that my boyfriend and I bought a house this month. We’ve been busy making all of the little changes that turn the house into home, and recovering from the stress that is housebuying turned homeownership. We’re super pleased not to be renters any more, and mostly, it’s been super fun.


Part of what’s so exciting about buying a house is the commitment. And I’m not just talking about the big deal that is buying a house with my boyfriend. I’m talking about committing to my community. I’m on #teamfayetteville in a whole new super hardcore way. I bought a little piece of the city that I’ve called home for all these years. We’re committing to living here, and caring about what happens here, and I think that’s super cool and super important. Don’t you?

What team are you on? Do you own your home? Did you feel like you were marrying your city when you bought a chunk of it like I did? Tell me about it in the comments!


Little Free Library Delivery: Visioning


Since I ride my bicycle by the Little Free Library in front of Arsaga’s at the Depot several times a week on my way to and from work, it’s easy for me to keep up with the little library’s stock. It’s clear plexiglass front door means I don’t even have to stop to check out whether there’s room to drop off some books or not. Luckily, this collection doesn’t need much space though, as it’s just three books. If you happen to want any of these three books, just follow me on twitter and look for a tweet that says, “The drop has been made.” Then you can roll on over to the little library and pick them up!

This trio includes:


  • Coloring Your Prayers: An Inspirational Coloring Book for Making Dreams Come True is a partially colored copy of a fun book that’s part coloring book part spiritual workbook.


  • The Seed Handbook: The Feminine Way to Create Business is an inspirational guide for ladies who want to start a business.


  • Visioning: Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams is a super thorough guide to creating a vision board that will make all of your dreams come true, maybe.

In case you’re just stumbling upon this and you’re wondering why I’ve got a little stack of books on my blog, check out my intro to this series. And in case you’re super in the know, I’m still doing my Fayetteville Little Free Library Bike Tour with the rest of my books. I just had this one last carefully curated collection to share.

Northwest Arkansas Mall Gift Card Giveaway (Now Closed)


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post – today a super incredible awesome amazing rad giveaway begins! One lucky winner will receive a $200 shopping spree to select stores at the Northwest Arkansas Mall. That’s a $75 gift card to Dillard’s, a $50 gift card to Gap, a $10 gift card to Clarie’s, a $40 gift card to Charlotte Russe, and a $25 gift card to Candy Craze! Why these stores? Check out yesterday’s post on my 5 holiday party essentials! The contest begins today, Saturday December 12th 2015, and ends on Wednesday December 16th 2015. You must live in Northwest Arkansas to enter and to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway was generously sponsored by the Northwest Arkansas Mall.

Holiday Party Essentials from the Northwest Arkansas Mall

If you’re entertaining at all this holiday season, or even if you’re just attending various holiday shin-digs, this is the place to be! I recently spent the afternoon at the Northwest Arkansas Mall getting everything I’ll need to be super set for the holiday entertaining season. Here are the 5 things that are going to make my holiday party hosting and attending totally rock this December.

P.S. This post is sponsored by the Northwest Arkansas Mall and includes affiliate links. Before you get super upset about how unspecific those links are (they’re to the main brand site, not the specific product), let me tell you why! I want you to go to the mall, just like I did, and buy those things locally. All of that sales tax and energy and community is important! And, in addition, I’m going to be giving one lucky reader the opportunity to do that with a giveaway! You should stay tuned tomorrow, right here on the blog, for that incredible giveaway. And when I say incredible, I mean big and amazing and so super duper!

Holiday Party Essential #1: a little red and green for your tablescape.

I picked up some red (aka: crimson) and green (aka: lemongrass) fiesta ware to serve up gingerbread cookies, sprinkles, and other super important holiday treats. I snagged these perfect pieces at Dillard’s. Click here to check out all of the fiesta ware that Dillard’s offers.

IMG_0516 IMG_0517 IMG_0518

I already had the lemongrass flatware set, so the crimson flatware, two crimson bowls, and a lemongrass set of dishes was the perfect way to round out my holiday tablescape. This year I’m going to be hosting my “somewhat annual holiday cookie decorating party”, and these pieces will be perfect to dish up cookies, and all of the things that my guests will use to adorn them.

Holiday Party Essential #2: See’s Candies (and it has to be See’s)

See’s Candies are a classic for my family. Actually, we used to get them on the reg. when we lived in San Francisco. Moving here meant leaving them behind, so finding the kiosk at the mall was an extra exciting thing for my parents and I. My dad helped me pick this one out, since he’s the chocolate aficionado of the family. I think I’m going to have to go back for a few more boxes because these are so decadent and make excellent treats at a party, and they are a super great hostess gift too. Shh, don’t tell my boyfriend’s family that they’re all getting See’s when we head their way for the holidays!


If, like me, you are having a somewhat annual holiday cookie decorating party, then I also highly recommend checking out Candy Craze for unique decorative candies!

Holiday Party Essential #3: A cozy sweater you can dress up or down

I doubled up on this essential with layering in mind. Here in Northwest Arkansas it’s been totally warm during the day but freezing at night, so winter wear has had to stay on hold most days with fall layers holding on through December. Can you believe it? I keep forgetting what month it is because it’s so warm!


First, (above) a chunky grey knit sweater from Gap. This one can be dressed up (think statement necklace, maxi skirt, fancy hair, and all that) or down (leggings, messy hair, and cookies in hand – that’s more my style obviously).

Second, (below) a wrappy shawl sweater from Charlotte Russe that can go over the above sweater when the sun sets and it gets chilly out.


Holiday Party Essentials #4: something to cover your booty (with a little give)

After I’ve eaten all of my holiday cookies, I am going to need some pants with a little stretch. That’s why I chose these super comfy and cute pants from Charlotte Russe. They had a buy one get one for $10 deal, so I snagged two. Such goodness with more than one holiday party to go to. I can wear the same sweater and different pants right? Right.


Holiday Party Essentials #5: last but not least, a little sparkle

I shopped all over the mall for some sparkly and finally landed on this little faux septum ring at Claire’s. Isn’t it the cutest? Aren’t you dying to put sparkly stuff up your nose? I am! Claire’s has all kinds of cute finishing touches to make your outfit look a little more, let’s say – thought about this holiday season.


Whew, that was a lot of things! Let me know what holiday party essential you’ve been after lately and what you think of mine in the comments! And don’t forget tomorrow’s gigantic giveaway (which will be for Northwest Arkansas residents only – sorry other folks!).

The purchases mentioned in this post were sponsored by the Northwest Arkansas Mall and although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Little Free Library Delivery – Words


Today I’ll be dropping off this collection of books at the Little Free Library in front of Arsaga’s at the Depot. If you happen to want any of these three books, just follow me on twitter and look for a tweet that says, “The drop has been made.” Then you can roll on over to the little library and pick them up!

This collection includes:


  • Big Talk: Poems for Four Voices is a really fun way to get your family to read out loud together. Fun for kids and adults too.


  • The Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary is a really fun, kid friendly, dictionary of rhymes for poetic types.


  • Roget’s International Thesaurus is an out of date thesaurus for all of your out of date thesaurus needs – or perhaps the framework for a new upcycled journal project?

In case you’re just stumbling upon this and you’re wondering why I’ve got a little stack of books on my blog, check out my intro to this series. And remember, if you want any of these books, all you have to do is stop by the Little Free Library at Arsaga’s at the Depot and pick them up!

Little Free Library Delivery: Fiction

Little Free Library Delivery: Fiction

This afternoon on my bicycle ride to work I’ll be dropping off this collection of books at the Little Free Library in front of Arsaga’s at the Depot. If you happen to want any of these three books, just follow me on twitter and look for a tweet that says, “The drop has been made.” Then you can roll on over to the little library and pick them up!

This collection includes:


  • Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot and illustrated by Edward Gorey. This classic is a staple in my family because my maternal grandmother adored it so much. I have a hard cover copy that she gave me, and there are several other copies in the attic where I got all of these books. The book has poems describing various cats and their personalities and is filled with excellent illustrations of the humanized cats. Great for all ages, especially those in the business of naming their own cats and in need of inspiration.


  • Stranger In a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlen tells the story of a human raised by martians who comes to Earth from his home planet of Mars. 1960’s science fiction at it’s finest.


  • The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner is the story of the Compson family, and is written in a stream of consciousness style. Good luck.


  • The Arabian Nights translated by Richard Francis Burton is a collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian stories and folk tales that were compiled in Arabic during the 8th-13th centuries. This edition is illustrated throughout.

In case you’re just stumbling upon this and you’re wondering why I’ve got a little stack of books on my blog, check out my intro to this series. And remember, if you want any of these books, all you have to do is stop by the Little Free Library at Arsaga’s at the Depot and pick them up!

Natural Grocers

Natural Grocers - Now OpenOn Sunday I got the opportunity to attend a sneak peek lunch at Fayetteville’s newest grocery store. Colorado based Natural Grocers will compliment Fayetteville’s existing and coming options for healthy grocery shopping experiences.  The store focuses on science based health and nutrition practices. I was really impressed with the staff’s knowledge of various diets and nutrition from a truly scientific background.  We heard all about the store’s beginnings in Golden, CO and their dedication to health.  They explained their policies and practices in their fabulous little (reservable) meeting space in the front of the store.

natural grocers talkThe thing that has me sold, aside from lower prices, is the list of things the store won’t sell. It’s amazing being in a store where you literally don’t have to read any labels.  Grocery shopping takes me ages because I’m constantly checking the ingredient list for things I don’t want in my food (MSG, high fructose corn syrup, etc.) – at this store, you don’t have to do that!

I giggled, because they don’t provide grocery bags (though they do have boxes in case you forget your bags like I always do).

Things I’m stoked about them carrying: store brand granola at affordable prices, house made peanut and almond butter, organic apple varieties I’ve never even heard of. What has you excited about the new grocery store option?!


venue spotlight: backspace

backspacesignIf you’ve been too sketched out to check out a show at Fayetteville’s Backspace, be too sketched out no more. I say all of this because I was in that camp, I mean – it’s tucked behind the tree-line flanking Frisco Trail just behind the metro building. The venue was created to support community arts programming through events such as music and art shows, readings, performances, and more. The only time I had been there before was to go to a clothing swap – so, a totally different thing from seeing a band. (But also cool!) I think the thing that the organizers at the Backspace have nailed on the head is the “community” aspect. The mantra when a band is coming tends to be  that there’s no cover but to please “support the bands”. There are tip jars scattered around for the venue and the bands. When you walk in to the small space it feels like walking into a person’s living room – but like, some cool person who has house parties all of the time and keeps ratty couches that can withstand a hipstermanbuttlot of foot traffic without getting too much worse. The hipsterly crowd of guitar playing, road bike riding, bearded 20 somethings might have been somewhat specific to the band playing, but I’d venture to say they were probably the regular kind of crowd.

I didn’t have a super authentic experience because it was a Wednesday night and there was ice and snow left on the ground outside, so the crowd was small. I think it’s clear that my experience wasn’t better than what I would expect another night to be like. I encourage you all to check it out, and tell me how great it is on a weekend when it’s nice out!

I can’t not talk about the show even though we’re really talking about the venue here. The band, Engine, had come all the way from Shreveport, LA to play their cowboy space rock in this tiny room and I am so incredibly glad I made my way over because the practically private show rocked my world. Check out that view of hipster-man-butts ladies. You need this in your life. Just watch out for local solo artists who might feel the need to play a string of their most depressing songs. Plus, byob = pour some wine in a mason jar and stick it in your pocket to me so I was a super happy camper. Again guys, it’s like a house party you’re allowed/encouraged to crash.



Ozark Mountain Music Festival – First Festival of the Year

IMG_8147Eureka Springs is the place to be mid-January. I know, it sounds nuts, but seriously – the Ozark Mountain Music Festival is SO MUCH FUN! And I don’t use all caps lightly!
Step ten feet from the Basin Park Hotel and it’s chilly and quiet, but that’s actually kind of a pleasant environment to explore the town in. There are still walking tours going on, shops open, restaurants, and bars too. Inside the hotel, it’s like the world comes alive with people milling about on every floor. Everyone’s in that friendly festival mode, willing to let you do your thing or become your new best friend.

So, if you’re the goes-to-every-festival type, you’ve got to look at OzMoMuFest as the first festival of the year. Festival season no more, we get it going in January in E.S.! Bring your hoop, your flow-y hair or winter beard, and the will to dance to some good-ass music. If instead, you’re an old person or a laid back or responsible human being or any combination of those – this festival’s for you too! It’s in a hotel, so you don’t have to camp or drive or even walk more than a few feet to your bed that gets made for you by housekeeping every morning, I mean – it’s like.. what would the word for festival glamping be for this?? It’s just so nice! The Basin Park Hotel is so cool! Add amazingly talented bands to their two biggest venue rooms and you’re in for the best weekend you could imagine – especially in such drab weather!

IMG_8079Check out my other recent posts on lorrabeth.com for more details on the amazing bands that played this year’s second annual OzMoMuFest and make plans to be there next year! I’ll see you on the dance floor!

I didn’t get paid for any of my posts about the Ozark Mountain Music Festival, and all opinions are my own.