#NWARKcares about Little Free Libraries

Yesterday, I helped my mom go through all of her books that have been stored away in her attic for several years. I had to be there to help because I knew I would want many of the books that she was ready to get rid of. We each kept a big stack, but decided that the majority could go. We stored childhood treasures, and carried our stacks of keepers to our respective bookcases in our homes. We’ve moved into the digital age, and when we want paper we use our libraries for everything from novels to coffee table books these days.

Books to Give Away

Although I do work at the Fayetteville Public Library which accepts donations of books, I decided I wanted the books to go somewhere more accessible to people who might not have the means to access the library’s collection. So, with a few teeteringly tall stacks of books to give away, I decided to stock my local Little Free Library. I ride by the new installment, sponsored by Adventure Subaru, outside of the trailside entrance to Arsaga’s at the Depot on my bike when I’m commuting downtown each day, and have noticed it’s collection dwindling. I think that Little Free Library and my stack of super cool books are going to be a perfect match.


So, I’m here to bring you a new and exciting series here on the blog! Each week, I’ll take a small stack of books to the Little Free Library, but before I do, I’ll share a bit about the books and what makes them so cool. If you see something you want, you’ll know where to find it – but you’ll have to get there first!

Some links:

The Ozark Literacy Council’s Little Free Library info.

The Little Free Library website.

A fellow NWArk Blogger’s post about her Little Free Library.

What’s this all about?

The Northwest Arkansas Bloggers have launched #NWArkCares to share social issues and raise awareness for local causes. Each month we are focusing on a different issue/cause. To play along, follow the hashtag #NWArkCares on twitter, instagram, and facebook or check us out on Facebook.

September’s cause was literacy. Through my blogger friends’ posts and conversations this month, I learned a lot about the importance of Little Free Libraries and how access to reading material is a key factor in improving literacy.