local band highlight: arkansauce

I couldn’t help but smile all the way through arkansauce‘s show the other night. The music was great, but that’s not why. It was the following of fans that the band has cultivated. There were young guys singing along to every song, duos of girls dancing in front of the stage, it was a beautiful thing. Arkansauce’s local love is charming, and contagious.

If you don’t already follow us on instagram, you should, but also we took pictures:

The bearded fellow is a friend of ours, and this was regrettably the first time we’ve made it out to one of his shows. We’re super glad we did, and will definitely do it again because they rock!

That bass is so cool! It reminded us of Ben Miller Band (who we wrote about recently during the Ozark Mountain Music Festival). Their bass is a washbasin, a wooden pole, and a single weedeater string. So, this one’s a bit fancier, but similar!

If you haven’t seen this handsome foursome of incredibly talented musicians, we really recommend that you check them out. Especially if you’re in their hometown!