Little Free Library Delivery – Words


Today I’ll be dropping off this collection of books at the Little Free Library in front of Arsaga’s at the Depot. If you happen to want any of these three books, just follow me on twitter and look for a tweet that says, “The drop has been made.” Then you can roll on over to the little library and pick them up!

This collection includes:


  • Big Talk: Poems for Four Voices is a really fun way to get your family to read out loud together. Fun for kids and adults too.


  • The Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary is a really fun, kid friendly, dictionary of rhymes for poetic types.


  • Roget’s International Thesaurus is an out of date thesaurus for all of your out of date thesaurus needs – or perhaps the framework for a new upcycled journal project?

In case you’re just stumbling upon this and you’re wondering why I’ve got a little stack of books on my blog, check out my intro to this series. And remember, if you want any of these books, all you have to do is stop by the Little Free Library at Arsaga’s at the Depot and pick them up!