Little Free Library Delivery: Quotes and Ideas

Quotes and Ideas

Tomorrow on my commute to/from work I’ll be dropping off this collection of books at the Little Free Library in front of the trailside entrance to Arsaga’s at the Depot. The library is new-ish, and I have noticed it’s stock dwindling, so I thought I’d help to beef it up a bit. If you see something you must have – follow me on twitter (where I’ll announce that the drop’s been made), and head over to pick it up!

This collection includes:

idea dictionary

  • The QPB Dictionary of Ideas: a comprehensive guide to the concepts and beliefs that have shaped our world in a dictionary format.

The World's Great Thinkers

  • The World’s Great Thinkers: That’s the super cool cloth bound one. It’s a collection of writing from well, the world’s great thinkers.

Quotable Woman

  • The Quotable Woman: All of the quotes by all of the women. Well, not all, but still – a lot. Missing the cover because my grandmother whose name adorns the front frequented the book so much.

Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

  • The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations: Quotations by people of all genders in a super handy dictionary-like arrangement.

What in the world is all of this book related stuff about? Well, you must have missed my earlier post explaining why I’m giving a bunch of books away!