Little Free Library Delivery: Journaling


This afternoon on my way home from my Monday yoga class (a great free class at the Fayetteville Public Library, you should check it out if you’re into moving your body) I’ll be dropping off this awesome collection of books at the Little Free Library that lives at the trail-side entrance of Arsaga’s at the Depot, just off Dickson St. If you see something you must have – follow me on twitter (where I’ll announce that the drop’s been made), and head over to pick it up!

This collection includes:


  • How To Keep a Sketchbook Journal: A really inspirationally beautiful guide to keeping a sketchbook journal.

spilling open

  • Spilling Open: Even inspirationaler beauty. Sabrina Ward Harrison’s stunning personal journal has been published for your lucky eyes to see.

journal of life

  • How To Make A Journal of Your Life: Another guide that is also inspiration because it’s so gosh darn cute. For writers, artists, journal keepers, those who aspire to be journal keepers, this is your book.


  • Writing Essays about Literature: This one’s for a much more academic approach to writing, but as a certified English teacher I’m obligated to tell you that you must know how to write well for all types of occasions and audiences.

living colors

  • Living Colors: This super rad collection of color palates takes you through the ages with color. A great inspiration for breaking out of your usual color scheme.


  • Urgent: Second Class: This is a guide to collage. It’s such a neat example of some really rad ways to put nifty paper together with other nifty paper things. If you’re into artsy stuff, you need this book.

What in the world is all of this book related stuff about? Well, you must have missed my earlier post explaining why I’m giving a bunch of books away!