hooping happiness

Nothing has been making me happier lately than hula hooping. I picked up the new hobby on a visit to my parents’ house where I dusted off my mom’s weighted hoop and gave it a try. In two days I’d mastered this trick:

As you can see, I’m in my parents’ yard with my mom’s old hoop. She never got it down because as we discovered this hoop is too big for her. The best size hoop is one that when upright at your feet reaches your belly button or close to it. After a bit of research my dad and I took a trip to home depot and grabbed the parts to make my own hoop.

A little over a week later I figured out how to hoop on my chest:


I finally ordered some grip tape, and got my hoop to be a bit less slippery! And just then I got the gap between my waist and my chest bridged a few days later.

Have you ever hula hooped, I mean as an adult? It’s so fun. It puts a smile on everyone’s face. Unless you are in the living room, in which case everyone seems very concerned that you might knock everything over. Which you might. But who cares? It’s so fun!