Giving Community Supported Agriculture a Try

As you may know, Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week. Well, my Tuesdays have been even better for the past three weeks because a few weeks ago I signed up for a local CSA. CSA stands for community supported agriculture and is a program where a farm delivers weekly parcels of produce to your home, and the only catch is that you have to pay for it upfront – hence the support factor. Each Tuesday evening I step out to my front porch to find my big brown bag of fresh locally grown produce.

CSA Brown Bag

I chose the Northwest Arkansas Local Harvest CSA because it offered a fall season which started August 18th and runs for 15 weeks. Over the next couple of days, and in the coming weeks I’m going to catch you all up with what’s in the bag and what I’ve been doing with it all. You can also check out the Ozark Alternatives Farm website where they write a weekly blog post describing the week’s CSA delivery in more depth and talk about what’s going on on the farm.


Some other CSAs in our area that I’m interested in are:

  • The Cobblestone Project’s CSA which is perfect for those who want to give back a little extra to the community in addition to receiving a bad-ass sounding weekly delivery of food, you get the option to pick up your delivery and pay a little less.
  • The Summer Kitchen Family Farm CSA which has a long running season stretching from mid-May through mid-October and has an egg add-on option, but requires that you pick your package weekly at one of two locations in Fayetteville.
  • This sweet meat CSA-ish thing from Grass Roots Co-Op, they call it herds to homes and I want it.
  • Dripping Springs, one of my favorite farms in this area, also has a CSA with a long running season that requires you to pick up your package weekly.
  • Sycamore Valley Farm has yet another of the long season CSAs with no delivery option.

So, as you may have noticed, it was pretty important to me that the CSA delivered (since I’m not much of a driver). And I chose the CSA that started in the fall so that I wouldn’t have to wait until next spring to get started. Have you ever had a CSA membership? Do you know of other CSAs in Northwest Arkansas that I didn’t include in this list? I want to know all about it!