diy business cards

I’m so excited to be sharing the details of my handmade business cards with you all today! I made these for local blogger meetups that I attend every so often. Below are a few of the designs I made recently, but what’s fun about a business card is that it can be anything you want it to be! My mom has a degree in graphic design and makes her own cards that are constantly evolving. It’s not like any one person ever gets multiples of your card, so it can totally change to fit your specific needs.

cardsI just used my sewing machine to stich some thick red thread across the cards. I sew, so it’s relevant to me. I’ve seen some really great diy cards with washi tape, watercolor, etc. Think about how you can incorporate your talents, business, etc. into your cards! Ps. you totally don’t have to have a business to have a card! Brooke’s great idea was to put your name on one side and leave the other side blank to write the contact info that you want to give out at that particular time. Sometimes your email and phone number are necessary, and other times you just want to give someone your twitter handle! For these cards I included my twitter handle, blog address, and etsy address. It seemed the most useful for other bloggers to see what I do and contact me.

I love how each one is a little bit different! Granted, if you were going to a larger conference, this would not be practical because I only make about 10 at a time. But really, at a smaller event or in every day life that’s all you need in your pocket!

If you make some, share the link in the comments! I would LOVE to see what you guys do with this tiny bit of inspiration!! Or, if you already have a really nifty card, handmade or not, share it with us! What’s on your card and why?