church of tarot: wheel of fortune

wheel of fortuneThe Wheel of Fortune card is one of the luckiest cards in the tarot deck!! It depicts a wheel surrounded by many mystical archetypes. The sphinx, known in tarot as the guardian of mysteries, sits atop the wheel watching the never-ending cycle of creation-birth, life, death, and rebirth; this suggests that the creature has developed witness consciousness or the ability to stay calm and bear perspective in the midst of life running its course. Anubis, a jackal-headed underworld guardian, is also shown to remind us that while dark times are a natural part of the life cycle, divinity is always along side you. The serpent of knowledge alludes that the ups and downs of life will ultimately bring one better knowledge of one’s self.

In short, this card represents: Destiny, fortune, success, luck, and felicity.

Some questions to keep in mind when this card comes up:

  • What opportunity is at hand?
  • Might you benefit from stepping outside a situation, to watch and wait rather than getting involved?
  • Are you experiencing repercussions of some action?
  • Are you resistant to being where you are?
  • How are you remaining centered during times of upheaval?