church of tarot: three of wands

Three of WandsThis week’s card is the three of wands and represents established strength, enterprise, effort, trade, discovery, and commerce. Some questions to consider regarding this card are: What do you envision yourself acheiving? What idea or project are you launching? Who’s helping you put your plans into effect?

Ooph. This card hit me hard this morning. I am tangled up in goals. I have lots of support from my family in each one, but it’s hard for me to know where to focus. I am trying to graduate and apply to graduate school, I want this blog to succeed, I have other big ideas that I have yet to even try to launch because I’m already so swamped. But everything in it’s time I suppose. Like the man in the three of wands, I need to establish strenghth where I am, then I will turn to new things.

How does this card relate to your day or week? Let us know in the comments!