Homegrown Music Festival Bound This Weekend

Homegrown Music Festival was basically made for me, well – not really – but it sure feels that way. It’s all about all of the things that I’m all about; cycling, sustainability, music, camping, etc. Every new detail that I see pop up about the festival is another super exciting moment of anticipation building for me! If you don’t have your tickets yet, now’s a good time to grab them and make your plans to head down to the Mulberry this weekend.

The coolest way to get there is to join Phat Tire’s Pedal to Homegrown. The ride leaves from their Fayetteville bike shop and arrives at the festival tomorrow. They’ll tote your gear for you while you ride your bike down. It’s pretty much the coolest reason to ride that I can think of. So get pumped, get signed up, get your bike prepped, and I’ll see you there!

Even if you can’t get on your bike and head that way early tomorrow morning, there’s lots to see and do all weekend. There’s the amazing main stage schedule:


The pickin’ stage schedule:

The diggin’ in schedule full of fun things to do:


And tons more that you can find info about on the website or facebook page for Homegrown.

The thing that I’m most excited about is experiencing a super sustainable festival with festival-goers who are down with sustainability and opportunities to do all of the usual festival activities in a sustainable way. There will be reusable mess kits for everyone, a dish washing station, mobile bicycles with recycling bins toted behind them, and I almost don’t want to tell you about this one because I want to win: a most sustainable campsite competition!

I know it’s a lot of cool, almost too much to handle – but I think you can manage. See you at Homegrown this weekend!

The Most Important Part of a Music Festival Is…

Often times at music festivals I attend as a Work Exchange Team volunteer. That usually means spending 15 hours of my time at the festival working. Sometimes I have parked cars, sometimes I was a human arrow, once I handed out beer tickets to VIP attendees; the tasks were easy, and broken into short 5 hour shifts. But sometimes I missed a set I wanted to see, or had to stand in the sun so long I got sunburned. There were sacrifices. So when I got into a conversation with a reporter from our state newspaper during one of my shifts, his final question for me was, “Why do this?” My answer, “For the music, duh!” So, if you ask me, the music is by far the most important part of a music festival. There are people who attend for other reasons, but the music is the glue holding the whole beautiful thing together. So ask me why I want to spend three long hot summer days and nights in the middle of the Ozark National Forest camped out in a field? It’s for the music. This music to be precise:

This playlist is a sampling of the bands playing at Homegrown Music Festival July 21st-23rd at Byrds Adventure Center in Ozark Arkansas. Give it a listen, but be warned – you’ll find yourself buying tickets to the festival as soon as you do!

Need more reasons to love Homegrown? Check out this post with three more amazing things about the festival, beyond the music!

Homegrown Music Festival has compensated me for my posts on the festival in the form of tickets to the event. However, all opinions and enthusiasm are most definitely my own.

Three Reasons You’ll Love Homegrown Music Festival

If attending Homegrown Music Festival isn’t on your list of super cool things to do this summer, now’s the time to add it! In all of my waka-less-woes I have struggled to pinpoint the festival that’s right for me. Homegrown has more than fulfilled my summertime music festival anticipation quota and it’s sure to fill yours too! Here’s three reasons to buy tickets right now!

  1. Sustainability! Homegrown is Arkansas’ first sustainability focused music festival. They have come up with all kinds of super cool ways to keep the festival’s footprint clean and green throughout the weekend. From things like a Clean Campsite Competition to an easy way to Pedal to Homegrown on your bike, the festival is bound to accomplish it’s sustainability goals!
  2. Fresh Pickin! There will be a second stage at the festival where Adam Cox, musician and host of KUAF’s Singled Out, will curate workshops, interviews, and jam sessions. There is sure to be some totally cool stuff coming out of this stage that you’ll only be able to hear on this weekend.
  3. Family Time! There are tons of activities planned just for kids to participate in! Even as a 20 something who has no kids, this is something I’m stoked on. I’ve had my share of #CreepyFestivalVibes and I am SO down to be going to a festival that’s all about the kiddos.

Stay tuned here for more of my super stoked-ness on this festival! See you at Homegrown!

Homegrown Music Festival has compensated me for my posts on the festival in the form of tickets to the event. However, all opinions and enthusiasm are most definitely my own.

OzMoMuFest 2016 – Friday Night Roundup

Friday night at the third annual Ozark Mountain Music Festival promised a relaxed, but danceable night at the Basin Park Hotel in downtown Eureka Springs, AR.

chuckywaggsAfter a full afternoon and early evening of music from James White on the balcony, Chucky Waggs got the evening going in the Ozark Room. Chucky Waggs didn’t have to travel far to play the festival (the band is from Eureka Springs) but their music has sounds that mix what might be inspired by something further south (Louisiana-ish) with an authentic Arkansan sound.

Throughout the festival I was excited to see lots of innovative pedal powered drums. Chucky’s set has another little snare set up (it’s hiding just behind the bass drum in the above picture). So despite everyone’s fully occupied hands, he was able to add percussion. There were some really cool boards with mics for stomping and even tambourines with pedals on them. On stages as little as these, it’s really cool to get up close and check out everything that’s going on.


The Whole Famn Damily, from Conway, AR, was absolutely the most fun band of Friday night. They were loud and danceable and filled the whole Barefoot Ballroom with their sound, which is no surprise since there are eight of them on that stage! The whole crowd was on their feet for these fun folks. They’re definitely a band to check out live next time they’re playing near you.
I myself was mesmerized by the banjo mouth moments. At first, it looked like he was taking a drink out of his banjo! But no, he’s singing into it for a really neat effect. Here it looks like he’s giving the banjo a kiss!


The last band on Friday night, the Haunted Windchimes, came all the way from Pueblo, CO. I was really excited to see this band after checking them out online. They record so excellently and have such a sweet folk sound. I love when bands mix up whose singing and writing the songs like these guys were. They have some really great songs and are relaxed enough to listen to at work, so check them out on spotify!


Stay tuned for updates on Saturday and Sunday at the Ozark Mountain Music Festival 2016. Wondering what happened to Thursday’s roundup? There isn’t one! I had some car trouble and couldn’t make it up until Friday evening. Were you there Thursday? Was it amazing? Of course it was. Don’t worry folks, there’s always next year!

I was granted free access to the festival in order to share all about it right here on my blog. All opinions are most def. my own.

OzMoMuFest Bucket List

Are you headed to Eureka Springs, AR for the Ozark Mountain Music Festival this weekend? Already there? Bonus points for beating me to it! Don’t know what it is? Oh no! Check this out: OzMoMuFest. Ok, now we’re set to get to the list! I’m here to share my top 10 things you need to do while in Eureka Springs during OzMoMuFest.


  1. Dance! You’re at a festival! Get up on that dance floor and move your body! I promise, you’ll have the most fun if you do.
  2. Have your poster signed by the bands! Grab a festival poster from the merch. table and don’t be shy! The bands are all festival attendees too. This festival is intimate enough that you will feel totally comfortable engaging with band members before and after their sets.
  3. Take a selfie with a band member. Once again, the setting’s super chill. Take advantage!
  4. Explore the springs! Find out why Eureka Springs has it’s name and take a walk through downtown. Might I recommend taking your sweetie to Sweet Spring for a refreshing jaunt?
  5. Shop! Downtown Eureka is full of eclectic little shops with everything from kitchenware to clothes. Take a walk only one or two blocks in either direction from the venue and you’ll be bound to find something that you just must have!
  6. Grab a pizza at Chelsea’s Corner Cafe and Bar. This place is a local favorite with a growing lineup of bands cycling through year-round themselves. Not to be missed.
  7. Wander over to Brews and grab coffee or a beer. They’re open from 8am-11pm today and tomorrow and from 8am-9pm on Sunday.
  8. Have lunch at the Oasis on Saturday or Sunday. The original Ark-Mex cuisine is super yum and the restaurant will be open from 10am-2:30pm this weekend.
  9. Grab snacks! Hop over to the Eureka Market and load up on snacks to stock your hotel room for quick between set snack breaks. The bars are flowing and you don’t want to get drunk AND hangry!
  10. Try something new! Whether it’s a new dance move, borrowing someone’s hula hoop, joining in the group jams at the end of the night, trying some new kind of food,  or poking your head in a chilly spring cave – I guarantee you’ll be making memories and having a blast!

Let me know how it goes in the comments! Can you do all ten? Do you have other suggestions? Put them down there! And, see you on the dance floor!


Hey! This is the beginning of a whole weekend’s worth of posts about OzMoMuFest. I’ve been granted free access to the festival in order to share all about it right here on my blog. All opinions are most def. my own.

Ozark Mountain Music Festival – First Festival of the Year

IMG_8147Eureka Springs is the place to be mid-January. I know, it sounds nuts, but seriously – the Ozark Mountain Music Festival is SO MUCH FUN! And I don’t use all caps lightly!
Step ten feet from the Basin Park Hotel and it’s chilly and quiet, but that’s actually kind of a pleasant environment to explore the town in. There are still walking tours going on, shops open, restaurants, and bars too. Inside the hotel, it’s like the world comes alive with people milling about on every floor. Everyone’s in that friendly festival mode, willing to let you do your thing or become your new best friend.

So, if you’re the goes-to-every-festival type, you’ve got to look at OzMoMuFest as the first festival of the year. Festival season no more, we get it going in January in E.S.! Bring your hoop, your flow-y hair or winter beard, and the will to dance to some good-ass music. If instead, you’re an old person or a laid back or responsible human being or any combination of those – this festival’s for you too! It’s in a hotel, so you don’t have to camp or drive or even walk more than a few feet to your bed that gets made for you by housekeeping every morning, I mean – it’s like.. what would the word for festival glamping be for this?? It’s just so nice! The Basin Park Hotel is so cool! Add amazingly talented bands to their two biggest venue rooms and you’re in for the best weekend you could imagine – especially in such drab weather!

IMG_8079Check out my other recent posts on lorrabeth.com for more details on the amazing bands that played this year’s second annual OzMoMuFest and make plans to be there next year! I’ll see you on the dance floor!

I didn’t get paid for any of my posts about the Ozark Mountain Music Festival, and all opinions are my own.

#OzMoMuFest 2015 – Saturday Night Wrap-Up

Saturday night at OzMoMuFest was full of some serious talent from Eureka Springs, AR; Colombia, MO; and Fayetteville, AR. The night started off with a big local band – Dime Trip – and ended with the practically local Shawn James and the Shapeshifters. The two amazing bands sandwiched some equally awesome talent. Here’s my wrap-up of Saturday night at the Ozark Mountain Music Festival!

Local band, Dime Trip, jammed the sun down in the ballroom Saturday night. With the band members’ kids grooving right up front (and even on stage for a bit) there was a family friendly vibe that made the ballroom feel like Dime Trip’s living room must be; music, dancing, drinks, it was a good start to the night. Plus these guys are super talented and fun to be around.Processed with Moldiv

Following Dime Trip was Chucky Waggs, also from Eureka Springs. The band brought the bluegrass sound to the stage and with a slide guitar, harmonica, and one of the rockin-est fiddle players I’ve ever seen, plus a singing-drum-playing-guitarist, it was hard not to dance through their whole set!Processed with Moldiv

The Hooten Hallers had a grunge/blues feel that was heavy and kind of hardcore – in a good way. Their drummer got on stage, took off his pants, and the band got started. He stood through the whole set and was one of the most engaged drummers I’ve seen. And I just couldn’t get over how that sax is just enormous, and has such a deep sound! Their sound was a hardcore one that took some adjusting to after the bluegrass/blues sound of Chucky Waggs, but after their first few songs the dance floor was packed and they ended their set with a song about the police that got the whole crowd fist pumping.Processed with Moldiv

Shawn James and the Shapeshifters, from Fayetteville, AR, finished off the night in the Basin’s Ballroom with such amazing talent it was hard to walk away! This overcrowded band filled the stage but they were wholly outnumbered by a huge following of fans many of whom knew the words to their songs. There’s not just talent in their musicianship though, there’s some serious songwriting going on that is just undeniably good.Processed with Moldiv

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#OzMoMuFest 2015 – Friday Night Wrap-Up

The second annual Ozark Mountain Music Festival in Eureka Springs is off to a strong start. Thursday night Mountain Sprout kicked the festival off and it’s been rocking ever since. Stepping into the Basin Park Hotel during the OzMoMuFest is like walking into another more lively and cruise-ship-esque dimension. The hotel is full of band members, festival goers, and incredible organizers and staff who are all there to have a good time and are mixing and mingling freely. There’s locals, out-of-towners and it’s all a big happy mix of people. You can get a feel for the music if you check out the festival’s spotify playlist:

The Friday evening set started with Dusty Pearls from Tulsa, OK at 7pm in the Ozark Room – which is by the way a super intimate setting and one of my favorite places to see a band. I always feel like I’ve gotten to know a band so much better after seeing them in this venue because it’s just so relaxed. It’s like they are playing and talking to you from your own living room. They’re comfortable, the audience is comfortable, it’s just plain nice. The Dusty Pearls were no exception and even ended their set with a song about “sex farts” that they were both embarrassed about and charming while playing. The duo is inspired by other folksy harmonizers like Johnny Cash and June Carter and The Civil Wars. They played some amazing covers and plenty of equally amazing originals. Lucky for you, even if you missed this show, they play again today from 3-5.
Processed with Moldiv

After the Dusty Pearls the festival moved upstairs to the Ballroom where Hosty Duo, also from Tulsa, OK brought the weird dance-y vibe that got the night rocking. With songs about pterodactyls that include verses in spanish and songs about dads telling their kids to eat their mac and cheese, I was laughing and dancing through the whole set. The duo is incredibly talented and makes enough noise to fill the ballroom with just a drum kit, electric guitar, and a kazoo taped to the guitarist’s mic. Needless to say, seeing this duo live is an experience that you really just need to have or you’re missing out!

Processed with Moldiv

Foley’s van is a somewhat-local favorite from Fayetteville, AR that brought the backwater bluegrass the festival’s known for to the stage. An already dancing crowd just grew as the night went on. There were a couple girls with light up hula hoops grooving in the back of the ballroom and the festival vibe was complete. Processed with Moldiv


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And of course, I’ll be doing another wrap-up or two on my blog lorrabeth.com


Warm-up for Wakarusa 2014

As everyone knows by now, Paige and I are all ready super, uber pumped for Wakarusa 2014!! Even though the festival is not until June, we like to spend the next few months “getting ready.” No we aren’t packing or anything like that, but we do this by repeatedly looking over the band line-up and oh-so-carefully choosing what bands to see. Our warm-up to Waka also involves heavily steeping yourself in the music to come. We listen to playlists compiled on Spotify especially for the festival!! Here are the tools you’ll need to enjoy the pre-festival excitement with us!! If anyone has a different perspective on warming up for Waka let us know so we can try it out too! As always enjoy.


P.s- So far I will not be missing Bassnectar, STS9, John Butler Trio, Lettuce, and of course Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

This extensive playlist was created by Spotify user Chris Beno and contains over 300 tracks to get your groove on to! Give it a listen and let us know who you don’t want to miss!

my diy hula hoop

hoopThe hoop is made from a type of lightweight tubing called PEX. I was able to get a 10′ piece at my local Home Depot, which happened to be the exact length I needed (more on that in a second). We found a male to male connecter, used a hair dryer to loosen up both ends of the tube and pressed the connecter in which we then taped over for extra stability.

I then wrapped the hoop in black electrical tape, to give it some more fun. The hoop was really slippery though, and so I ordered some gaffer’s tape in teal which adds some grip to the hoop.

I mentioned in last week’s post that the hoop my mom had was not the right size for her. The right size hula hoop should, when standing on it’s end at your feet, reach your belly button – or near there. To find out how long the tubing needed to be we measured straight up from our feet to our belly buttons and used a bit of geometry to find the circumference of a circle with that diameter.

hoopMy mom’s needed to be 6″ shorter, so we used my dad’s pvc cutter to snip that off before making her one. We didn’t make my dad one, but his would have had to be 11.5′ in circumference.