Camping at Withrow Springs State Park

I have a new favorite campground. Withrow Springs State Park is a little under an hour from our apartment in central Fayetteville, AR but it’s totally worth the drive.

withrow springsWe camped on December 1st and ended up having the whole campground to ourselves. It was a bit scary in the middle of the night when we met a scavenging possom and had to scare him off with sparklers and dancing (shh, don’t tell the ranger we had fireworks!). We went to celebrate Brooke’s birthday, but you’re going to see a lot of camping posts in the future because it’s our New Years resolution to camp once a month for the whole year.

campingOne of the most fun parts of the trip was that we cooked everything we ate over our wood fire. My dad chopped us a bunch of logs and collected two big bundles of sticks for us. I made some girl scout style firestarters and we were set. On the left up there is our potatoes just after I pulled them off of the fire to scoop them into our potato salad bowl. The other things we made were: bratworst, yellow cake (from scratch! over a fire!), and bacon and eggs. Then of course there were the morning s’mores you can see me making in the middle, above.

campingWe had tons of fun camping and I can’t wait to go again in January (even though it’s going to be pretty chilly!).