venue spotlight: backspace

backspacesignIf you’ve been too sketched out to check out a show at Fayetteville’s Backspace, be too sketched out no more. I say all of this because I was in that camp, I mean – it’s tucked behind the tree-line flanking Frisco Trail just behind the metro building. The venue was created to support community arts programming through events such as music and art shows, readings, performances, and more. The only time I had been there before was to go to a clothing swap – so, a totally different thing from seeing a band. (But also cool!) I think the thing that the organizers at the Backspace have nailed on the head is the “community” aspect. The mantra when a band is coming tends to be  that there’s no cover but to please “support the bands”. There are tip jars scattered around for the venue and the bands. When you walk in to the small space it feels like walking into a person’s living room – but like, some cool person who has house parties all of the time and keeps ratty couches that can withstand a hipstermanbuttlot of foot traffic without getting too much worse. The hipsterly crowd of guitar playing, road bike riding, bearded 20 somethings might have been somewhat specific to the band playing, but I’d venture to say they were probably the regular kind of crowd.

I didn’t have a super authentic experience because it was a Wednesday night and there was ice and snow left on the ground outside, so the crowd was small. I think it’s clear that my experience wasn’t better than what I would expect another night to be like. I encourage you all to check it out, and tell me how great it is on a weekend when it’s nice out!

I can’t not talk about the show even though we’re really talking about the venue here. The band, Engine, had come all the way from Shreveport, LA to play their cowboy space rock in this tiny room and I am so incredibly glad I made my way over because the practically private show rocked my world. Check out that view of hipster-man-butts ladies. You need this in your life. Just watch out for local solo artists who might feel the need to play a string of their most depressing songs. Plus, byob = pour some wine in a mason jar and stick it in your pocket to me so I was a super happy camper. Again guys, it’s like a house party you’re allowed/encouraged to crash.