church of tarot: the fool

the fool

Whenever this card comes up, I find it important to assure whomever I am reading for that the fool does not represent stupidity or even foolishness necessarily. Instead, the fool represents: folly, mania, extravagance, intoxication, delirium, frenzy, bewrayment. The fool is the universal life-giving principle called superconciousness, the changeless reality that expresses itself through continuous change.

A few questions to consider might be: Is it time for you to follow your inner promptings rather than the expectations and promptings of others? Have you unexpectedly seen yourself or a life situation from the bigger point of view? What benefit does a little foolishness have the potential of bringing you?

church of tarot: king of swords

king of swordsThe King of Swords represents clear thinking, intellectual power, authority, and truth. The unsheathed sword he holds in his hand suggests that he holds the power of life and death, a strong power. His throne is decorated with butterflies which symbolize the power of analytical thinking motivated by love. The King of Swords sets aside personal bias and prejudice to base his advice and judgments on sound discernment and universal wisdom.

Some questions to consider: What are you decisively planning out or strategizing? Is your integrity being questioned? What laws must you carry out and live by?

How does this card resonate with you today? Let us know in the comments below!

church of tarot: five of wands

Brooke and I have been pulling one card from our tarot deck every day or so. I’m not a particularly superstitious or spiritual person, but I like tarot because it can draw your attention to an aspect of your life that you have been ignoring. I’m also a descendent of Hungarian gypsies, or so my mother tells me. So it’s in my blood!

Also, as a side note, I made my own tarot deck. Refusing to buy me a deck because it was something I could make myself was one of the best gifts my dad ever got me. All of the art is by me.

We’ve done bigger spreads, which can definitely reveal more, but the one card reading is nice for the day to day. So I thought I’d bring that to you all. Every Sunday I’ll pull a card and share it’s meaning. Today’s card is:

five of wands

The Five of Wands portrays a group of youths in mimic warfare. The card represents: imitation, sham fight, competition after riches and fortune, the game of life, conflicting interests. Things to think upon might be: Are you seeking to impose your will on others? Why can’t you compromise? Where is leadership needed or being fought against?

Feel free to share how this applies to you in your life, I’d love to hear your interpretation!

costumes of Halloween 2013

This fashion friday we bring you the many costumes of our Halloween week. That’s right, we don’t just dress up once, we dress up a lot!

For party 1, a house party where a friend was DJing, I wore all black and this $3 cat mask. Super simple, and perfect for the party which had people in full out costume and people in no costume at all. Also the police came (just to tell everyone to quiet down and go inside) and I was really glad that I was not the girl in the sexy nurse costume.


My mermaid costume. I made the shiny bits. It was a pain in the ass, and the ass was lopsided. Not my favorite costume of the year, but I did make it myself. You can see the sparkles I glued to my face, which really make the whole thing in the next picture.


These were actually little jewel stickers that I found at Joann’s. They are definitely not made for faces, but they stuck to my face all night and came off easy when I was done being a mermaid.


Then there’s Brooke’s super scary realistic makeup for Halloween night.


Last but not least, zombified birthday party guests! My mom and I participated in the 2nd annual Eureka Springs Zombie Crawl this year because last year was so much fun! We went with a theme this year, and it was super fun!


My mom and I in our zombie makeup. We’re more into being super cute than super scary, as you can see.



church of tarot: nine of pentacles

nine of pentaclesThe Nine of Pentacles portrays an elegantly dressed woman holding a bird. This bird symbolizes that an opportunity to fly off and explore other ways of living and seeing the world – perhaps a spiritual journey – is at hand. She stands in the middle of a prospering and protected garden suggesting that time and energy spent amassing material possessions could be coming to a close for now.

Some questions to consider might be: Are you experiencing material fulfillment but lacking spiritual fulfillment? Would you like to fly away from worldly concerns? What are you sacrificing for success?